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Every two years in Montana, the legislature convenes in Helena to introduce and pass new laws. In a typical session, over 2000 bill draft requests are submitted by 150 legislators. Few of those bill requests (and ultimately actual bills) introduced are given any attention by the press.

It always seems, that after every session, someone discovers a bill that got signed into law that nobody knew about. And what many do not realize, is that there are a lot of bill draft requests that are really bad. Fortunately, not all the draft requests become bills.

Because there always seems to be a number of bad bills introduced, this website was created. And second (and most important), to promote citizen involvement in Montana's legislative process. is a website designed to feature bills that probably should never have been requested or introduced. It includes bill requests and bills introduced by either party. also includes valuable information on how the legislature in Montana works, how to contact your legislators, and important government links. features many of the bad bills. does not analyze individual legislators or their voting records. This site will NEVER personally attack legislators, only their bills. Legislators work hard to get elected. To serve in Helena is a sacrifice for them. It is your job to talk with them about any bill introduced that you agree or disagree with.

We all need to be involved. Stay informed and let your Representative or Senator know how you feel about important issues. Take time to travel to Helena and visit the capitol. Attend the hearings and participate in your government.

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