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What is a Bad Bill?

Most skeptics of legislature probably feel that all bills are bad. You would think that after a while, lawmakers would run out of ideas for new laws. But, every two years, Montana’s legislature meets to once again consider more laws for our already thick law books.

In every legislative session, there are bills introduced that waste time and money. It is estimated that a bill costs $3000+ to draft and consider. Is it possible that if legislators heard from the public early, that those bills would never ‘see the light of day’?

There are many reasons that a bill is bad. Bad bills can include any of the following conditions to qualify for

A bad bill:

  • is one that threatens Montana citizen’s life, liberty or property.

  • pushes a particular social agenda.

  • substitutes state authority for local control.

  • demonstrates disregard for personal responsibility.

  • does not respect parental rights.

  • is an unfunded mandate.

  • disregards the limitations of our constitution.

  • often is by request of government agencies, not citizens.

  • expands government.

  • raises taxes.

  • is sometimes frivolous and just plainly a waste of time.

  • or just makes you scratch your head and wonder ‘what is going on?


To be involved is more than simply checking this website. 'Involved' means writing or calling your legislator - or making a trip to Helena to attend a hearing. 'Involved in a hearing' means to at least step forward to the mike and state your name, and whether you are for or against a bill.

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