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Traveling to Helena

Though the easiest way to be involved in our legislative process is to write letters and make phone calls, often it is much more effective to jump in the car and drive to the state capitol. Montana is a huge state, but if you are able - the trip is well worth your time.

Typically, legislators end up sitting through hours of testimony from people paid to lobby. The most effective hearing testimony comes from ordinary citizens that come to Helena to express their support or opposition to a bill. 

This page is devoted to helping you plan your trip to Montana's state capitol.

Where is Helena?

Travel to Helena

Where is the Capitol Complex?

Capitol Complex Map

Inside the Capitol:

Where is the best parking?

Parking lots are located on the south side of the Capitol building, across Lockey Street. There is also ample parking along any of the streets around the Capitol. Some of the best parking is found in an unpaved lot on the corner of Montana and 6th. There is an alley entrance just before you get to the 4 way stop on Montana and 6th. There are usually plenty of spots open. All parking is FREE.

How are the roads?

Current Montana Road Report

How is the weather in Helena?

Current Helena Weather

Where do I stay?



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