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Q: Does include ALL the bills?

A: NO. The 'Stage' bills includes ONLY bills that are likely of interest. To see all the bills (and bill requests), CLICK 'Look Up Any Bill' and then CLICK 'List All Introduced and Unintroduced Bills'. (This page also allows you to list bills by subject and legislator')

Q: How do I see the Stage bills?

A: On the main home page, there are four links (i.e. Stage 1, Stage 2, etc). Click on any of those to list the bills currently in that stage.

Q: I get the list of bills, but how do I find out the status of one of them?

A: In the list, simply click on the Bill # (Stage 1 = LC #). This will display the live page of information from the state's website.

Q: I call up the bill information, and cannot see the bill draft. All it says is "drafting in progress". How do I see the draft?

A: The bill draft is not posted by the state until it is approved by the legislator. The only thing you have posted until then is the title and sponsor. In the early sessions, no one could see the draft until it was given 1st reading - unless the sponsor gave you a copy. That is fortunately not the case now.

Q: How can I look for KEYWORDS in the bill listing?

A: Even though the state's lookup page allows searching by SUBJECT, this is only for INTRODUCED BILLS - not requested bills. The easiest way to scan the entire list is to use the Windows search function: Ctrl-F (Cmd-F on the Mac). Once you have the entire list of bills and requested bills displayed, you can hold down the Ctrl and 'F' keys together to display an entry field. Type in a word you are looking for (i.e. seatbelt, river, school, ranch, etc), and the screen will highlight the first occurrence of the word. To see the next 'hit', click the 'NEXT' button. Keep going till it says 'DONE'.

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